The Stratasys J55


In today’s Online Open House, our Sales Operations Coordinator, Mia Stelling, and our Senior Research & Development Engineers, Peter Montgomery and Cameron Williams, will walk you through the ins and outs of the Stratasys J55. 

If you have any questions during the event, please use the chat feature in the bottom right hand corner to message our team. During the next 30 minutes, we hope you enjoy learning more about the newest edition to the PolyJet line-up. To learn more about our engineer’s first impressions and analysis of the machine, please reach out to your Purple Sales Rep.

Smart Speaker

Possibilities at every turn.

Designed for consistent, stable performance, the Stratasys J55 requires zero mechanical calibrations and features a “ready-to-print” mode, so you can make ideas a reality without interruption.

Productivity at your elbow. Office, classroom, or studio environment – the J55 office solution is engineered to fit seamlessly into a professional space, with minimum distractions and maximum output.

The J55 features the best in-class footprint to printing tray ratio on the market, which means less bulk in your office and a better yield.

Plus, with full-color and texture realism, the J55 can produce more than 500,000 distinguishable color combinations, print five resins simultaneously, and provide multi-material capabilities that bring even the most imaginative ideas to life. With the J55, you can make more accurate design decisions earlier in the process.

See your work come to life.


With the J55, there’s no need to compromise. Upgrade your design process with high resolution, fast prints, and multimaterial capabilities.


Clear materials, 500,000+ color options, Pantone Verified colors, put numerous colors and texture options – all at your fingertips. The J55 makes design realism fast, efficient, and accessible – whatever your need is.


From wood to fabric to clear, the J55 offers an option to suit every design need. Virtually eliminate post-processing and upgrade the realism of your models with just a few clicks.


The J55 offers the best footprint-to-tray ratio on the market, allowing you to create the maximum number of models in one print.

See it in your workspace.

Download the new Stratasys AR app to see how the J55 will look in your workspace. Simply search “Stratasys AR” or “Stratasys J55” in the app store to download the app.

If you would like to see the J55 in-person, please contact your Purple Platypus Sales Rep. 

During your visit to our Tech Center, please note:
     – Your temperature will be taken prior to entering our facility.
     – Only visitors with proper face masks will be allowed to enter.

Please reschedule your visit if you answer yes to any of the following questions:
     – Have you visited a foreign country in the past 14 days?
     – Have you used public transportation in the past 14 days?
     – Have you come in contact with anyone who is sick in the past 14  days?
     – Are you experiencing any symptoms of an illness?

Our team is excited to show you our J55.

Stratasys J55 3D Printer

Start today.

To learn more about the Stratasys J55 3D printer, reach out to the Purple team. Our industry experts can help you determine if the J55 is the right solution for your workflow.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a printer or print a part, we have the right solution for your needs.


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