The Connex 3D printer system brings agility and aesthetics to every stage of product development and production. The Connex3 system was the first 3D printer in the world to simultaneously 3D print multiple colors and materials. It continues to lead the field with a broad range of printing capabilities, so you can create parts with the precision, look, and feel of real production parts.

Fast, flexible colors

Produce smooth three-color gradients, vivid multi-color textures, sleek transparencies or milky opaque colors.

many material properties

Print any model type you need: rigid to flexible, transparent to opaque, neutral to vibrant, standard to bio-compatible.

polyjet's signature precision

Shorten your product development cycle with versatile prototyping creation with PolyJet's signature precision.

detailing direct from cad

With a 16-micron layer resolution, Connex 3D lets you see, touch, test, and perfect every design detail.

See The Specs

Get outstanding precision and the material range that fits your application in a smaller footprint.
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Frequently asked questions

Objet260 Connex1: 255 x 252 x 200 mm

Objet500 Connex1: 490 x 390 x 200 mm

Objet260 Connex3: 255 x 252 200 mm

Objet350 Connex3: 342 x 342 x 200 mm

Objet500 Connex3: 490 x 390 x 200 mm

Both Connex1 and Connex3 printers have horizontal build layers as fine as 16-microns.

On both the Connex1 and Connex3 series, the available build modes are:

Digital Material: 30-micron (0.001 in.) resolution

High Quality: 16-micron (0.006 in.) resolution

High Speed: 30-micron (0.001 in.) resolution

Model Materials On All Connex Systems: 
Rigid Opaque: VeroWhitePlus, VeroBlackPlus, VeroGray, VeroBlue, Vero PureWhite
Rubber-like: Agilus30, TangoPlus, TangoBlackPlus, TangoBlack, TangoGray
Transparent: VeroClear and RGD720
Simulated Polypropylene: Rigur and Durus

Digital Materials On The Connex3 Systems:
Digital ABS Plus for durability, including blends with rubber
Rubber-like materials in a variety of Shore A values
Vibrant blended colors in Rigid Opaque
Translucent colored tints

Our clients say

I calculated the cost of outsourcing prototypes for one year, and then the cost of bringing it in house. Even after factoring in the cost of the equipment and materials as well as staff time, I still concluded that we could significantly reduce our costs by doing it ourselves.
Shawn Green
Senior Industrial Designer, Fender
Thanks again…you guys are awesome and the level of support you have delivered to me is above and beyond. The printer is working out great and is a great addition to my package. I don’t know how I’ve gone so long without one!
David Cohen
President, DSC Fabrications


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