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Fill out the form below to receive a sample part printed in Agilus30 CMY material on the Stratasys J850 printer.

See the quality for yourself.

Request a free printed sample from the J850. Featuring Agilus30 CMY, the shoe shows the detail, color, and flexibility of the material.

Agilus30 CMY – Rubber-like photopolymer ideal for advanced design verification and colorful rapid prototyping due to its durability and tear-resistance.

Simply fill out the form to receive your free sample. We’ll be in touch to let you know when to expect it.

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Purple Platypus, headquartered in Orange County, is the only Diamond-level Stratasys reseller covering CA, AZ, and NV. Through 3D printer machine sales, custom part printing, and engineering services, Purple Platypus offers superior solutions. Purple Platypus works closely with Fortune 100 companies, optimizing their design and manufacturing processes. With an extensive product line, three convenient locations, the largest Stratasys showroom on the West Coast, and a committed team of knowledgeable industry experts, Purple Platypus provides businesses the technology needed to bring their innovative designs and ideas to life.

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